5/6/13 Actor Jeffrey Tambor graced Snapsonic’s live room to provide voice over for 5 Sabra Hummus TV spots.  Snapsonic provided recording and mixing.  You can see two of them here.

3/1/13 Snapsonic provided music, sound design, record and mix for a series of audio ‘comics’ for Cystic Fibrosis awareness.

2/28/13  Hurricane Sandy helped provide a budget to NYC’s Office of Emergency Management along with CUNY to produce a series of virtually animated hurricane shelter training videos.  We provided recording, sound design, original music and mix.

5/29/12  The website has been updated again to include client testimonials.  Come check out what our customers are saying about Snapsonic!

4/12/12 Snapsonic has now entered the future, circa 2008.  All our spots on the website are now streaming instead of loading.  Thanks, Vimeo!

12/5/11  They say, ‘No news is good news.’  In this case, no news is just being lazy.  Today we completed a mix for Velveeta Cheesy Skillets on the Food Network, which you can watch here.  Yes!!

10/27/10  A Snapsonic spot for MLB Network air during the World Series!  You can watch it here.  We provided music, sound design, and mix.  We’re moving ever so slightly closer to the elusive Super Bowl.

9/1/10  Well, it’s official.  Snapsonic, Inc. has now been in business for three years.  It’s an important milestone considering that the company was launched just before the start of ‘the Great Recession.’  We’ve seen ups and downs, but we’re still open for business!

8/18/10  Snapsonic just completed spots for Verizon FiOS, for the Asian Market.  Music, sound design, mix.  You can watch it in Cantonese, here.

4/23/09  The website has been updated to include spots that you can watch (no longer a novelty, we know).

2/27/09  Mixing has begun on promos for the Chiller Network.  A whole channel dedicated to refrigeration... No!  It’s horror! 

12/30/08  Scientific American ( just uploaded a really cool video about Enceladus, one of the moons of Saturn. Snapsonic provided original music.  To get into the mood of composing for outer space travel, we drank a gallon of Tang and shut off the lights.  Yeah, don’t try that.  It doesn’t work.

12/24/08 We’re currently working on a bunch of promos for the new MLB Network (Major League Baseball, if you weren’t sure).  The channel launches January 1st, 2009!

12/19/08 Recording, sound design, and mix for HGTV’s ‘Dream Home’ campaign.  You can win a dream home in Sonoma, California!

11/28/08 The fact that we now have a ‘news’ page is news!